Richard Ells Interview Part 2 - Surprise Updates, In-App Buying, MWC 2020!




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Another great interview :+1: Lots of good things coming soon :zap:

Is there a part 3 @Quorra_Merch ? :thinking:



He seemed to hint at the end, talk on monday … so maybe every week. ??

Would be good

Confirmed as a no…

Shame would of been great…

Grateful for the interviews we received



You heard that too? I would like to hear a part 3 :thinking:

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Rock and roll…ETN is too good to be true? No, it is too good to ignore.



Another solid interview, full of updates.

The push notifications will be great , every advancement of the app makes it stronger. I think this year will see ETN really grow. We are in for some treats as well, not just what RE says in this video but there will be some really good stuff along the way I am sure :grinning:



Thanks so much for this!!! :slight_smile:



Interview was good. They should only do something about sound quality. It is a shame that we cant hear Richard well. :slightly_smiling_face:



No…there is not a 3rd Part to the 2 Part Interview (as shown in the image above)



Nothing can be done to a video after it’s uploaded. As I’ve said in the comments multiple times, I did what could be done.



The Quorra Show is every Monday, as shown in a graphic towards the beginning of the episode. There’s not an Interview with Richard every single week…



3 good new features for the app but I hope they will come with something bigger in the following weeks.
In the meantime :

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Can we as a community raise some money to pay a professional to interview R.E? Nothing against Quorra, Crypto rich or Mick but they aren’t professionals, their interviews feel like fluff pieces.



I watch all these youtubers too and it would be nice to watch something very professional and crisp.



I agree, the way Quorra asked his question isn’t fluent, it’s almost painful to hear, more than the audio quality. Sorry Quorra.
Mike is the best for now but he’s too much into ETN. Like all of us.



I wouldn’t mind that about hardball questions or whatnot, fluff pieces are fine for helping mass adoption, and though quorras questions weren’t grilling him on the hard issues, we were still being educated with new, valuable information. but making it at all intelligible should be a goal.

The sound is going into Ells mic, out quorras phone, into another phone/dslr mic into YouTube, all of which are probably bad mic’s with bad compression software. Quorra sounds awful too. Not as bad as ells, but still nowhere near the level of interview sound expected of a multinational Financial company. There are cheap phone lavs on Amazon that would improve his audio 10x, and as for ells, it would improve it if the video call was recorded locally or to a cloud while streaming (doesn’t Google Hangouts do this? Hell, twitch even does) and synced in post (literally select both audio sources in premiere, right click, synchronize) , so the audio can only be as bad as ells mic, and not layers of loss through several bad mic’s and compression…

I simply can’t watch these and have to depend on ancillary comments to get the jist :man_shrugging:

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wow you make a lot of sense… and you are right, a big company like etn should make sure that …any live recording should be set up propley and it looks and sounds professional …when I saw the interview I thought how cheep and nasty that was…not good for mass adoption I am afraid Richard… to the moon ETN…