Richard Ells has a fantastic business brain, we're in safe hands!

While most ICOs spent large chunks of their crowdfunding money into costly marketing fails like hiring celebrities and failed adverts to promote their vaporware of hopes and dreams which amounted to nothing. ETN did the exact opposite and were sensible enough to hold off unnecessary spending, even with the ignorant onslaught of fudsters and negativity Richard had the foresight to make big decisions in the right direction of ETN. If you want to see true leadership Richard is displaying that in buckets.

Imagine if like the rest of the failed icos ETN caved into the demands of the fudsters and did blow all the ico purse that would have only given ETN 5 mins of fame and down hill rest of the way as is the case with most of the failed icos today that now are having to drop out of crypto all together due to lack of funding AND THERE ARE MANY !!! . Richard has been very wise with the crowdfunding purse ETN made at ICO.

His responsible and thought out planning is why we are mid table on the top 100 having spent minimal amount. 2019 will be a year where the real winners of the crypto space will emerge as compliant and offering real world usage to the mass.

Negativity only happens when your actually progressing in the right direction because when you start becoming successful everyone wants to throw in their two pence. You dont get negativity when your not successful because there’s nothing to shoot down to begin with !

I think most ETN investors realize this to be the case, even though there is obviously a lot of anxiety in the crypto space in general right now.


Spot on he is very frugal and only spending on necessary improvements to the company. With Richard and Chris we are in good hands. I can’t wait until we are fully KYC compliant as in 2019 our eco system will be in great shape and we will be ready! :earth_asia::iphone:

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There is a light at the end of this tunnel. I never doubted ETN for one second. This project is the one that will save crypto.