Richard Ells - Global coin report


Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

Is this THE interview?


Is this the one!!!


Yes this is the one we have been waiting for.


I can’t watch that, I turned it off after 30 seconds. Red everywhere and the little windows… No thanks.


Yeah, red coloured studio And small windows - that’s the real crypto Killer!!! (LoL)


It’s proof that he’s alive :smile:


nice update fellas…



Nice interview but no influence on price


He has always been there. -_- didnt we just recieve a mail few weeks back!


why would the interview influence price if all he is doing is sharing what we already know?


If it was on a big youtube channel it could bring in people that are not familiar with ETN yet. But as Global coin report is just starting up their youtube channel, it actually goes more the opposite way. They get viewers from the ETN community.


Not to be negative, but did we seriously hype an interview for a guy with 300 subscribers?



A lot of advertisements in this video. Small windows with face. I didn’t like it. Better to make an interview with crypto for the peeps. 21k subscribe…
Maybe next time. At reddit I post questions but not answer…


Well at least they went through most of the main points of Electroneum. Even if the setup was not perfect, Richard did amazing job and delivered his part extremely well. Because this interview has the most recent information and Richards performance, I think this is the video to show if you want to introduce someone to ETN :blush:


Totally agree…!! I could hardly see Richard which was Unbearable.
@AllAboutTech is the best till now in etn interviews, if someone deserves hype its him.
But ill like to see Crypto4thepeep someday future.