Rewarding M1 Phone Purchasers

Just an idea would be possible to reward those making the initial outlay for M1 phone with slightly better return from cloud mining.

So normal Android/iOS app based cloud mining ~ 3 USD per month.

M1 phone purchasers maybe ~4 USD per month.

Another incentive to invest in the phone.

I was thinking along the lines of giving them something extra for purchasing the phone as its cheap for us but probably not alot of others. Something like this could be a good idea though.

I like the idea. The video did say that there was some profit in the sale of each phone, not sure how tight the margins are.

I’ve mentioned before that since KYC implementation, miner payout frequency could also be increased just by what region of the world they are registered in. i.e.- US UK- $3/ month, South Africa - $4/ month.

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Or possibly buy M1 for 80 USD in fiat currency but equivalent to 70-75 USD in actual Electroneums.

Offset the relatively small loss when bought with ETNs by the cost of phone in fiat currency.

Encourages people to buy ETN to purchase a ETN promoting/mining phone.

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