Revolut European Banking Licence Approved!


This is significant for all sorts of reason and a clear sing that the times are changing!

Can we now get Electroneum on Revolut please? :kissing_heart:
(They currently offer ETH BTC LTC XRP and BCH…)


Big fan of Revolut. I personally use their card abroad and have used them as a middle man for fiat conversion when having trouble with banks receiving funds from crypto exchanges.

Good to see them getting the licence.


Still waiting in line for Revolut here in the US


They still not live there yet? thought they were close earlier this year?


If anyone else signs up using my link I get moved ahead in line 24,498


Revolut already has roots in the United States, a good sign for the preliminary application for a banking license. Though only five of their 400 employees work in the United States, the company does plan to add an office in San Francisco as soon as possible.

In another hopeful development for the startup, they have won the support of several venture capitalist firms, including Index Ventures and DST Global.

source: Revolut Announces Plans to Come to The United States

The fact that they got an EU banking licence will no doubt help with their US banking licence application!


Already there, thats the queue Air is in i guess.




Woo woo… great news
I see every new avenue the rest of the world has to a fiat crypto exchange incredibly exciting and beneficial.
Im glad I already have access to a safe, instant and cheap direct exchange from cash,bank account or paypal directly to crypto. (That being Coinspot)
(KYC compliant now for over a year. Also offshore 2FA )
Crypto-Bridging the gaps for the masses


They are great. I haven’t seen the crypto side of the app yet but I’ve used it abroad many a time and its flawless . I also use Revolut to exchange my Sterling Fiat into EUR then buy ETN on Liquid. So simple. ETN really have to get onto their platform, the doors are starting to open now :smile:



This looks like it’s a good service, looking forward to them coming to the USA. This looks like it’d be a perfect service for Electroneum too, love to see it listed as one of their cryptos.


Out of love today 500 Squirrel :blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::heart::chipmunk: :grinning: