Revolut app + ETN


Just got my visa through, this company is based in London and will start offering crypto in app soon. @ETNCEO please get ETN involved. :slight_smile:


Please write to us at [](mailto: if you have any affiliate or partnership enquiry. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


Been using Revolut a while now.

They actually already let you hold crypto on it. Its not a wallet system though (i.e. you cant send/receive)… but you can store funds as crypto which get converted upon use.


Hmm. So do they just pretend to own the crypto that they offer? You can’t send it to a wallet? That’s a bit lame… Sorry to suggest it then…


Dont be! Its an amazing App and could certainly benefit the ETN eco system longer term.

All suggestions welcome and im sure someone will take a closer look at some point!


So the crypto section is locked for now as I don’t want to pay for premium or invite people. Could you tell me a little about how it works or what coins they offer so far?


Yea I think ETN could learn a lot about how to run a fintech company by looking at revolut. Instead of coming across as apologetic in a video on some YouTube channel with a few subscribers. Strange.


well perhaps after 4 years when they have been running as long as revolut, people can start comparing them.


Well I think revolut have been going about 3years and ETN about 1year so in 2 years we can compare. :slight_smile:


Revolut is great, but building the system and eco systems is stage 1. Two years is a completely different story!