Required ETN to hold


As an investor what’s the required or good amount of Electroneum to Hold For Very Long Time?
All things remains constant.


A while ago i heard an investor on youtube say that 100.000 ETN would be a nice reasonable amount to atleast have and honestly i think that is true more is always good also of course but now the prices are still low and if it reaches 1 dollar or 5 dollar or 10 dollar then imagine what you can already have :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I was gonna recommend. 100,000 is a little over $500 USD at the moment. If it reaches $1 per coin, that $500 investment is now worth $100,000; a nice windfall. If it then reaches $10, you’re now a millionaire.

Granted, you’ll be holding for a few years, but that’s still one hell of a return, imo.

In the end, only invest as much as you’re comfortable with. Take into consideration what amount is life changing for you, and how long you’re willing to hold.


Forbes would take note of you


Depends on your ambitions. I am in Norway and i am out of debt when we reach 1.5$ and i got 240K ETN, and my and my wife got about 110K in yearly income. So my minimum target is 1 and 240K ETN and that is in my situasjon. I will by more and more as long as i can. Your target should be after what you need to be happy and work fore it. I just want to be free from banks and live a simple life and use more time with my family and be there for my kids. I believe for every ETN i got, i got a dollar. I just want to live like i do but with no worries. No money can give you a good life, but it helps. My recommendation is to find your financial sweetspot and go fore it.


Well I need like 50k as a student for now and how to get money and buy more is my headache but I’m holding 10k needed 50k so when the price hit $1000 possibly with 5 to 10 years I could get a house and live a bill gates and Steve Jobs life


lol the forbes 500 list starts at around 3.3 billion and up i don’t have that money haha :joy:


Bro this is just the beginning Electroneum could make that possible


It might be possible but sadly i dont have that amount to ever reach that :wink: