Remove "fade effect" on app start?

Is it just me or do you guys find it a bit annoying that the number buttons for the PIN is unresponsive during the 1-2 second fade?

I always start to add my first number in my pin and then the press is not registered making me fill out the last 4 numbers only. So I have to delete and start over again. Anyone rekon this?

I have a feeling that during the fade effect (the numpad is faded in when app starts) you cannot press on the numpad. If removing this fade effect would solve it - I think that would be nice.

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I spotted this too. Should be an easy fix. Also, I would love to see numbers a bit lower, so its more handy to type it-might be because of my phone screen size(P30 pro)…



Yeah this happens every time i log in. I just put it down to being to fast inputting and impatience lol…

For me its fingerprint scanner i’d love to see this on the app (as an option as some mobiles dont have biometrics )


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