Remote node method: updated version?

Has the 10 etn appeared in your web wallet yet?

Have you checked the transaction went through? If you had 10 etn in there, you might not be able to send 10 etn as there’ll be a transaction fee to add on too

Ages ago. Imported it to my app less fee equals to 9.90 etn.

Whats the format for sending etn out of cli? I might try and do that.


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If you type help from inside the cli-wallet you’ll find the command is:

transfer [<priority>] <address> <amount> [<payment_id>]

You can skip payment_id if you are transfering to your web-wallet, but you’ll need it when transferring to an exchange. You can also skip priority, i think default priority is normal

The command to transfer 100 ETN from your cli-wallet to your web-wallet (obviously you would replace the etnaddress with your own) would look something like:

transfer etnjzPmNxabcabcabcabacbacbacbcbabacbacbbacbcbabcbcabcqbc 100

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Ok. I’ll try this After work.

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Ive had to recreate the wallet with electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --generate-from-view-key wallet-name.etn and let it sync from start of blockchain again.

I had a wallet saying there was 500 ETN in it (even though I was sure I transferred it). After recreation of the wallet and finished refresh it showed correct.

I am not sure what is/was the problem - but my guess is that I synced the wallet while having old electorneumd software.


Was this using my remote node or your own local copy of the blockchain??

Hey, there is something weird with my cli wallet. So i refreshed the wallet, balance is still there, tried transferring using your format, once i pressed enter after pasting my etn address, it wont even ask me for an amount to transfer and just go staright to password. And after that, an error will be shown: wrong number of arguments. I guess this error is because there is no more balance left?

Weird, right?

Photo attached:

You cant send coins using a VIEW ONLY wallet.

View only wallets are there to check the incoming balance on a paper wallet. The private key is not used when creating it, thus cant send coins.


Ok. Sending is not allowed because this is only view wallet command. But why is my balance not updated? As i’ve said before, i have SUCCESsfully imported this 10etn to the mobile app but everytime i refresh, etn is still in the cli wallet?

Because View Only wallets show all INCOMING transactions. They are not able to see outgoing.

Its not a balance, its just a list. Thus you are not able to see the inputs that were spent when you imported the wallet.

In other words, View only wallets show everything coming in, nothing going out. Hence why you don’t see the import.


Hi @BegaMutex, does this mean that everytime you send to this address and use view only mode, the balance will just keep increasing regardless of any etn going out?


It does indeed. Its a balance of all incoming transactions.

Hopefully we will see ledger working at some point for ETN, which will be easier for those who like to use a CLI wallet but still want as much security as possible.

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Just to be sure, is our new remote node host? Also who is managing?

Hi @cuddlesquid, I’m managing that remote node.

Hi there! @M44FFW

Sounds good, Ill modify the guide soonish! Thank you.


If you need anything from me, just give me a shout :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity does any one know what happened to the hashvault node? Sorry if it has been posted somewhere. Have yet to poke around again after a couple months of not reading things here.

Pools cant mine ETN after the blockchain update, so makes sense they dont provide a node. :+1:


We have had some major, good changes recently. This could potentially bring you up to speed if you are not aware of the recent changes.

Thank you, I did know about the moderated blockchain. I was more asking due to not seeing any sort of announcement from hashvault. I remember when it swapped over and could still use their remote node and then it just stopped working on day. Was just curious if there was an official reason for the dropped node.
I do try to keep up with Electroneum since the ICO just not all the news and google was not much help the last time I tried to google the info for remote nodes. Did find the reddit thread with the node mentioned above though.
Thank you again for the info though

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