Remote node method: updated version?

I’m trying to check paper wallet balance using this method. Info on this is all over the place. Would anyone care to make a thread about this wherei even a noob like me would be able to understand? The wallet guide created by @cuddlesquid is not updated anymore?(i might be wrong).


Windows: electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host=
Linux: ./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=

from here

Any problems using that remote node, give me a shout :slight_smile:

Exactly where or which part would you type this command in? I was able to sync but i am stuck on a wallet that it asked me to make. How do i check the balance of paper wallets i made months ago?

Thanks for the reply

I guess my question would be: is there an easy way of checking paper wallet balances made months ago.

And if its the remote node method, is there anyone that can make a simple to understand step by step tutorial?


In principle it is possible.
Not tested myself. With paper wallet
Wait a moment for users above.
It’ll be fine.
I can post an example here after there are no responses.

I think i’ve got it:

C: (if folder of etn cli is on c drive)
Cd(space) location/address of etn cli folder
Then type/paste the daemon host ending in 8081
Add this to above - - generate-from-view-key=wallet
Press enter
Will ask you to make a password

I guess thats it?

I had something like that in mind
“C:\Program Files\Electroneum\electroneum-windows-v3.0.0.0\electroneum-wallet-cli” --daemon-host --generate-from-view-key=wallet
( Example)

Can anyone explain this?

I have imported 10etn(as a test) from cli wallet to the app and its been confirmed but then ehy is it that the balance is still showing on the cli wallet? I’m confused. Show transfers should show an out transaction yes?

Screenshot provided

Just to clarify because the balance is not shown on the cli wallet. There is still 10etn balance on it even though i have imported it to the app. I think it is unlocked? I’ll take a photo with the balance later on.

Is right.
rescan_bc ???

Tip: It is best to download your own node.
to minimize errors.

Yeah maybe i’ll try to use my own node.

Is it better to download the bc(old method) or import the raw blockchain?

Will i still be able to view my balance without providing my private spend keys if i use my own node?(noob question).

yes and 20 squirrels

yes you can. but I think you have the same problem then.
In case of problems with a cli-wallet I use this method Restoring Electroneum CLI wallet from your 25 word seed and then save everything to usb.

Whether you create your own node or use mine, the process to recover your wallet would be the same except for the switch that tells the wallet to connect to mine as described above.

Creating your own node will take a lot of time and processing power - probably close to 2 days to sync up and circa 60gb of hard drive space.

Could the problem also have been prevented by running on your own node? Through frequent testing in the past, I have become wiser. It is not my intention to attack your external node. Only try to solve or find out this problem.
thank you
Is a nice externalnode solution.
I hope that the problem is solved with the seed method with the externe node. I think so.
I hope that other users also help him with this.

I don’t believe so, I think the issue was knowing the switch to restore a wallet from the seed key. This same switch needs to be used regardless of whether the node is local or remote.

To recover a wallet from a 25 word seed you’d use one of the following:

Windows: electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --restore-deterministic-wallet --daemon-host=

Linux: ./electroneum-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet --daemon-host=

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I really dint understand this. There is still a 10etn balance on this wallet even though i have imported this to the app already. Any ideas?

Has the 10 etn appeared in your web wallet yet?

Have you checked the transaction went through? If you had 10 etn in there, you might not be able to send 10 etn as there’ll be a transaction fee to add on too

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