Remaining Calm During The Storm!


Things in Bitcoin coin market remain extremely uncertain right now with rumors of possible 1 billion dollars worth BTC being moved from a mega wallet to an exchange. The thing to remember is even if BTC come crashing down in price and takes the price of ETN along with it this is only temporary. The price of our coin does effect the progress of this coin. Electroneum will work just fine if the price is $.001 or $1.00 each. Price does not any way stop this incredible project from marching forward. :slight_smile: Remain calm as we maybe entering a hurricane of price fluctuation in the days, weeks and months to come.


I will be ready to buy a lot of ETN If this is going to happen !:grin:
You with yours 50 Asics will be still mining ETN even at loss ?


From what I understand, the BTC price is expected to drop at $4000 at most. But if this is right, then hopefully it finishes soon, as I want the bull run to last a few months at least. :slight_smile:


I buy a bit every week normally but i’ve stopped at the moment and am waiting til it feels more like the bottom. I don’t think we’re there yet and to be honest I’m sceptical whether the bull run folks are talking about at the end of the year will happen - we’ll see.

Can you imagine if all this news happened in a bull-market!?, ETN would be a dollar easy, probably more. The hype and general sentiment is what I’m watching, waiting for the time to fill a big bag with very cheap ETN.

ETN is doing ridiculously great things but the market doesn’t care much yet. Watch it and be ready to pounce though!


It is better than a bull market, because until that eventually comes, ETN will have enough time to finish its projects. As a result, the price may explode, far higher than we expect it.


Some very reassuring words there @M-Kid especially as many of us are going through a brown pants period at the moment .:poop:


If I where to sell the coins at the current price yes I would not be making very much or even could be losing money mining. The way I look at is this way, I will not be selling these coins till we are well above $1 or more in price so in all reality I am really Mining $25,000 or more a day in coins. The only time I would ever stop mining would be when the $2500 a month I pay in electricity will buy me 5x or 10x the number of coins versus mining them.


If you have 50 asic miners, then I indeed believe you made $1 million with BTC. :slight_smile:


Many people say BTC won’t go below $5800, huge support there from miners and whales and if it goes through that to $4000 it would quickly be game over and drop to $2k, $1k etc and take decades to recover and the big money won’t allow that to happen. People are very, very confident of support around these levels. I don’t know, I just pass on what I read.


Let’s hope this day will never come :roll_eyes:


I have no doubt BTC will recovery quickly if we have a major drop in price. Many so called experts say that we need to have a crash in BTC to start the bull run. I am still up in the air about that idea. I feel we may see BTC trade from $5,000 to $8,000 over and over again maybe for the next 12-24 months. Nothing says that BTC has to have bull run any time soon. Unless something changes in the Crypto market I do feel we will be in this bear market for the next 12-18 months maybe longer. It maybe 2020-2021 before we see any type of major bull run or any meaningful increase in price.


Well, who would be doing the buying at those levels though if the whales have all sold higher up?



If you watch the BTC market it is pretty much one group of whales selling to another group whales as we now are headed back up because someone just purchased 100 million $$$ worth of BTC. BTC is run and controlled by the big boys and if the common fish/guy does not stay clear of the big whales feeding on BTC then they will get eaten right up!


Exactly, that’s why they won’t let it drop below the level they want.


Makes me think of the relationships between Sharks and Remora fish!


The other fun thing to watch as of right now at 9:30am est time the market is mostly in the RED, give it a few more hours and everything will be up 5-20% in value. The market is like clock work and is so manipulated and rigged it is not even funny. Hope everyone enjoys the nice gains we will be seeing across the board today! lol :wink:


They won’t let it drop below 6.000 because making one bitcoin as far as i know already cost around that mark so then they will only loose money on the mining and whales just buy up all the sellers again to gain more profit :yum: I still think this month is gona be calm but when we slowly will go into October i think we will see it move upwards maybe sometimes fall a bit but i see the storm coming it only might take 3 months and then last a couple days :thinking:


same here…just keep on accumulating what you can afford


Yeah, if it goes well below it means whales and miners have gone away, and it will go to hell for years.