Registered users vs mobile miners

So not even 1% of all registered users are using the mobile miner.
This is not good…People not interested in mobile mining…

Please do some research and find things out first. There are multiple reasons why the numbers do not match. I don’t feel like answering, it’s a detailed answer. Maybe someone else can.


I feel the same way.
Im exhausted from rattling out the facts on how this show works.
Electroneum needs to take a stance on education…If they can find the time.


If this is the case then maybe it’s just down to the fact that investors are not interested in such small sums of money, I have heard a lot of them say they are not mining which is a good thing. You need the target audience for the miner to be mining the people who were not into crypto to start with. Also I keep forgetting to press extend but if it’s a tenth of my wages a month you can bet I would be setting an alarm for it! The team have already said that they are working on push notifications and this will no doubt include one that says you need to extend your cloud miner or cloud miner off line in 10 minutes. I’m quite glad that only people that need the coins are using the miner to be frank.

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105k/2.89m=3.6% are using it, bigger than 1%

edit: and the nunber of users is growing, now it’s 3.7%

edit:3.5% decreasing :frowning: