Registered user count on website

Where is the registered user count on the website?

it just says loading since server upgrade…

I have same problem for over 3 weeks

So i find the source code where you find this info:
This bug maybe make adblocker… try to shut down…
I try to shut down and it help me:

I don’t have any extensions or adblocker. Its chrome on a phone. It happened before also.

Maybe this would help


I guess I score low. :frowning:

Thanks for the info. :):heart:

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Not at all my FF browser on linux is 482

On Apr 18th, the number of registered users was : 2,931,414
On Apr 23rd, the number or registered users is : 2,944,287

Starting to ramp up, soon we’ll be seeing that growth per day!

We had that growth per day. 10k new registered users or more every 24h.
Now we’re lower but indeed we all hope for the best.

Its slowed, or at on the 1k ish pace it has been. The spread, if it is working as it should, will be increasing soon. It should be visible soon, as more people referring more, snowball. But not quite the snowball i hoped for yet

Snowball on a heat wave, never a good sign :stuck_out_tongue: