Refine the ecosystem on the A B C islands

How beautiful will it be to refine the ecosystem of the A B C islands.
Where the ETN family can enjoy shopping in the many small shops on these islands during their vacation.
It would also be possible to arrange something here on these islands, in connection with the short lines with the administration of these islands?
I personally think it’s an easy way to further expand the ETN Network here.

ETN as investment opportunities.
Select companies/projects in which people can participate.
Or just throw all my posts together.
Get on with that and a great thing will come out of it.
Take a new path.
So many possibilities.
To the moon.

I suspect if things go well with the existing islands the team are working with, they would be looking for other opportunities down the line Licence.

They can use the first two as use cases when discussing with other possible locations. I guess we will see how things go in 2022. Not sure what criteria the team would be looking for, but Im sure they would appreciate any and all suggestions. :+1:

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Ok I put in half an hour. Here you have an idea.
I think it is important that people are very honest and transparent towards the islands.
Because they have experienced many miseries in the past and present.
Ok just read these articles.

Now that food prices are rising, you can set up a fund.
From the proceeds you can add “the return” to the invested participants.
advantages: more jobs , cheap prices , ect ect

Do your own research of course. and or consultation with the government of the islands.

I hope you can find the solution.

Note: If I know in which direction “the team” is thinking, I can start thinking more in that direction.

Is there any English version of that? Btw… I am very interesting how they plan to set up entire 2 islands to be use ETN… :thinking:

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No no english version use translate.
What I really want to say is that they should be less dependent on the import of fruit and vegetables there on the islands.
Now that the covid is, the borders are closed. I thought before the covid a lot came from Venezuela by boats.
Here in my country you have a lot of horticultural “westland”
Maybe an idea to realize small “westland” on curacao.
Training is then necessary.

But I think that lobbying for digitization has a good future.
Discuss what the problems are on the islands and act accordingly.
The education of digitization will also be a good point.

What you can also do is to get a kind of FTSE 100 or AEX 25 but in Cura 10 or whatever it may be called.
Which anyone from all over the world can participate in.
when trading these funds. (in the app)
Choose solid companies to trade in and the transactions via the blockchain.

You just have to investigate the possibilities or the problems on the islands.

I must have forgotten something.

Note: For me it is again difficult to communicate in English.
The last video message (Richard) was unclear to me. Couldn’t get subtitles and there’s no email about it either. so I can translate. :+1:

And you still have the story of the Caribbean CBDC. in the eastern part they are a bit further with that.

ETN Training Network

Employees of Others companies can enroll in the app for training courses. Against payments.
I’m sitting here thinking of @Stef as the right person for this.

The Team were already looking at a training platform as part of the AnyTask platform.

It looks as though it’s been delayed for now (not surprising with Covid and all the announcements we have over the next 6 months), but hopefully it will get launched at some point. Will be nice to have resources to learn sellable digital skills that you can then offer on Not a necessary part of the eco system but really nice addition.


Yes indeed task school is a nice addition.
I’m thinking about the future.
Implementing this with a view to CBDC.
That it forms a unity on several islands and what the future offers more.
Example that the employees of the CBCS can take advantage of this.
Then maybe the BES countries ect ect.
Maybe a bit of COHO too.

You might also like this:
An investigation is being conducted by a third-party independent party (in
commissioned by COHO) to the social costs (advantages and disadvantages) of the
own currency Aruban florin versus dollarization. Based on the results of
the investigation may take measures regarding the monetary structure
are determined and implemented. The investigation will not be conducted before
than in 2022. The results of the study will be discussed between the Netherlands and
Aruba held consultations.

No one ? Great, then I don’t have to spend any more time and energy on it.
What can still say in now try to enter into a collaboration with COHO.
See if you can also enter into a partnership with Prime Minister Gilmar Simon (“Pik”) Pisas.
Set up some projects together in the app to prevent money laundering.
Like lendahand.
Influx of dollars and euros and other currencies.
Steam ETN.
Then a few problems have also been solved for ETNNetwork.

You can also roll out the airmiles principle on the A B C islands and roll it out later in the CBDC.

In my opinion, ETN coin is very suitable for this.

It is so simple that it can be put to use tomorrow. The power of simplicity.
It is also KYC/AML proof as they are relatively small quantities.
The big advantage is that people who have nothing to do with crypto are still involved and learn to deal with the CBDC for the future.

Did you know ? that the (reserve e-mail qr code) is already ready in Dutch? It’s on the shelf. Why because the flyer has not yet been received from you. When we have your flyer, we can print the QR code on it.

Passengers sit on the cruise ship that docks in Willemstad on Curaçao. The passengers can already make a reservation during the trip (if they are en route) to get a tour of Curaçao. (The flyers are on the cruise ship). Once the email is confirmed, they will be collected from the ship where it docks. And also brought back. During the dollar payment for the tour, etn miles will be added to your account
If the passengers don’t want the etn, the tour owner will donate to etndonate charity.

By using the resevering email qr code, the operator of the business agrees that the customer will deposit the etn into his account.

Companies that want to reuse the email qr code can register for free at and agree to the terms and conditions.
A booking is also made on the account of the company that manages it.

The table of air miles (etnmiles) at the checkout of 100 us dollars 20 etn on account
at 50 us dollars 10 etn on account.
at 75 us dollars 15 etn
at 10 us dollars is 2 etn
The transaction costs are for the owner of the company.
If the ETN value is higher than $0.05, the etnmiles will be halved.

If you have a catering facility in Willemstad, you can also benefit from this.
exactly the same as described above.

So many possibilities.

just like this?

Collaboration in these projects seems recommended to me. I think the main objective is being overlooked by everyone.
Namely 1 collective CBDC to link all CBDCs together. Now everyone just does what I think.
A kind of G20 system.

That’s how it comes across to me.

This is what I mean by saying.