Referral Scam claims 5000 free ETN


This kind of thing will just leave a sour taste when people realise this user duped them, promising 5000 free ETN for using their Referral.

Would Electroneum consider disabling scammers and dishonest users referral code who make outrageous scam claims regarding what a referral adds.

Original tweet:


Since that Referral code is unique to someones actual account, They should be able to narrow it down to the exact person who started this and they should ban their whole account if they are using the ETN marketing material to scam people.


That’s what I’m suggesting - the referral code easily pinpoints the account.

If we all made outrageous referral claims we would give Electroneum a bad reputation.

Referral is built upon honesty.

I don’t know about banning whole account (probably legal issues), but disabling their referral permanently would be appropriate.




This account is still tweeting same scam with same referral code.