Referral QR code should link to app!?

In the app, you can go to Referral program and press a button “Show My Referral Code/QR” But this does not work unless they already have the electroneum app installed.
I guess it’s would be tricky to have a QR code linking both to “download the app” and to our referral code. But what about including a new button beside the “show my referral code/QR” and have the other button say “link to download”?

I have talked about electroneum to many, but in my experience they end up NOT installing the app, because they can not find it. Some times they forget the name of the app, and some times they search for it, but end up not being sure if it’s the right one.

If I could show them a QR code that links to where they can download it, my guess I could get WAY much more people actually installing it, and so could everyone else. We could even send this QR code easily on messages and social media.

Please don’t underestimate the power of simplicity, it’s a small change that could have great effects on user numbers.

If you do agree, please comment and upvote

@License That is way beyond my point. I know how to create a QR code, I can even program an NFC tag and have it placed on posters around the city, But I did not bring up this topic because I don’t understand how QR codes work. I want the adoption of ETN, and therefor I am sharing this small idea that I think can have an great impact.


You can create own banner like me - its link from ico stage and every person that use ETN can create own.
Only what you need is to change your refereal code:
So only click on this link and change your code:
This link at social media create own banner:

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Thanks, but that is also not my point.
I must not be able to make my self clear enough. I am not looking for ways to make it easier just for me to share the app, I have plenty of ways to do that, and plenty of ideas that I will put to live eventually.
But what I am asking for is a small change in the app that will make it easier for Everyone to share the app.

So let me try to be a bit more clear:

  • I am presenting a solution to a problem, a solution that will help ALL users share the app even easier.
  • I am NOT asking for other solutions that will only make it easier for me. Even tough I appreciate the ideas.
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Those of you that are providing other ideas, please answer this. Are you against getting a new button in the app that shows a QR linking to the app in iPhone Appstore and Google Play?

If you are against it, I would really like to know why. Is there a reason not to have the button there?

I know from my experience that it would be helpful, that’s why I ask for this change. Some of the people I have mentioned the app to, comes back to me weeks or months later asking for me to help them find the app, so I have to sit with them and type the search myself and tell the “YES that is the app I was talking about”

If I am having this experience, I can’t possibly be the only one.

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Sounds good… :slight_smile:


How to make WhatsApp button? :slight_smile: