Referral program


I found electroneum on my own, so I’m not linked to anyone’s account yet! Can someone give me their code to use? Also including mine 4E66B2 in Hope’s I can help others in similar predicaments!! Help me help you help me!


Hey mate here’s my referral code is you want to enter it, A69ADE welcome to electroneum :+1:


Much obliged friend!


I would also like to share my referral: 9C2EB9. I’ve not used one myself, so if you used mine, please reply yours.


I already used the first posters. But mine is 4E66B2. You can get a boost off that atleast


oh but your still lucky… us IOS users are still waiting!

       **24B 954**    
  Thank you & Happy New year!!  :fireworks:       :fireworks:    :fireworks:


CF85A4 please use it, anyone!