Referral Code sharing


Awesome work everyone for trying to get so many people interested in ETN keep up the good work :blush: I would want to give you my referral code but im waiting for the IOS app then i can start and get more people because most people i talked to so far have IOS they are interested but more interested in the mobile miner :roll_eyes:


-Hier mein Code für Dich zusätzlich gratis ETN zu verdienen. Wenn Du den Code verwendest, bekommst Du 1% Bonus auf Dein Mining
-Here is my code for you to earn additional free ETN. If you use the code, you will get 1% bonus on your mining
-Вот мой код для вас, чтобы заработать дополнительный бесплатный ETN. Если вы используете код, вы получите бонус в 1% от своей добычи


You should have made place for zero lol


I was just thinking about creating something like this, but I used the search function.

My own referral code is 27DCF8, if someone is interested. I’m mining 24/7 since day 1, occasionally stopping to read messages.


Running 24/7 - let’s JOIN me! :slight_smile:


Cool idea to share code, I’m Christian Winson from ENGLAND and been using app since before miner. everybody don’t forget to use your referral program in mobile miner, it helps you and the referrer earn more ETN.
You are welcome to use mine.

Looks like ETN price will rise steeply once ios app hits app store


Oh yeah I like the idea!
If you use it I will use yours, let’s do it!


A lot of users used my Ref code. Since I cant see the names of my ref code users, I came here to thank everyone who used my code.
It helps me for sure.



Great idea! Running 24/7.
7E5CB7 :slight_smile:


Tall Paul from East Tennessee, ETN mining app has been running 24/7 since day 1 available. Never used the referral system, need to change that :+1:6C2626


This is a great idea, I’m in, here’s mine lol

All the best everyone


Thanks to the person that used my code!


Running 24/7 :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Cool idea! Here’s mine, I generate around 5-6 ETN a day.


Well I have a lowly 1 referral, and am at the bottom of the list, but on the off-chance someone is throwing darts at the message board…




I do not know about you guys. But I think the referral code you put in your account should actally be saved for the one that introduced you to ETN or even helped to get it running for you. Or someone close to you. But of course everyone does what they want to :blush:


You can use my code if you want.



Great idea. Feel free to use mine :smile: