Referral Code sharing


Im looking to use someones refferal code to earn extra ETN. Also If someone wants to use my code its A78BBA. Feel free to share your referral codes here too.


You can use my code if you want.


Please feel free to scan my referral code. Thanks

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my beautiful code is - BFAE4A

If you use it I’ll send you virtual hugs, love and light through the cosmos!


Or its good to use at Twitter or Facebook this just type your code (instead of mine) to this text form: and it creates you this post - your own banner including QR code:


Feel free to use mine if you want.



don’t believe in a coin, believe in the team behind it


This is mine, feel free to use it, as I have over 700 referrals for it, so it will help you make ETNs way faster. :slight_smile:


you having 700 referrals doesn’t help others.


Actually it can. You know that if you refer someone, you and the person you refer will win more ETN. And if the person you refer has a lot of referrals, you would win even more.


How to get 700 referals and hoch much coins you make per day?


As you may have seen in the chart from yesterday, Romania is the 5th country in terms of traffic. Which means we have a lot of people interested in this coin. I have a lot of friends who are into cryptos, and they have friends of their own. I go to a lot of technology meetings, where I meet people interested in ETN. And I use the referral code on the web as signature, which is the most important.

I only make like 10 per day, but I believe a lot of them are not working anymore, maybe they stopped the apps.


Ok thanks because i have 150 referals and couldnt get more and get only about 5 ETN per day…

So here is the pool and question is - How many referals do you have:

  • 1-10
  • 10-25
  • 25-50
  • 50-100
  • 100-250
  • 250 and more

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There is no such rule. I have been ther since day 1 and I myself have good amount of referrals to know it’s not true.


You are HERO for me. I have one friend in INDIA and tweeted about him: Just if everybody refered to just 3 persons we have new 6 milions people on board and thousand of RETAILERS, Vendors etc…


If someone’s interested


My referral code is 2ED442 I would love it if some people would us it.


AEA4AE :slight_smile:


Mine is D4FD5A. Thank you


Thanks everyone, I have chosen the first reply but keep sharing as there’s many users that are still interested in referrals.