Referral Card Printout for Electroneum


This could help you get more referrals by staying organized and efficient of letting others know of mobile mining app, especially when iOS launches.

Free Online Business Card with Electroneum QR & Referral Code

Goodwork on the Referal Card @cuddlesquid i think it will help a lot of people that want to physically promote Electroneum by just handing them a card instead of explaining everything to them :blush::+1:


This has potential!! Be sweet to be able to enter code and produce this via online


This is great! I might add a bit more about Electroneum if possible but such a great design!


Awsome Idea! Now to make distribution easier, there’s an app made by Elify, which sends digital business cards. Check it out. Would be an excellent feature for the ETN app (hint, hint).


@Latroy Whatever it takes to help others understand Electroneum and help you get easy free ETN! Thank you very much for response.


Sure. I might actually do a post on it. Using the Shuffle app by Elify, you can send a digital business card to all of your phone contacts in one shot either via email or sms.


Excelent idea bro!!!


Sounds like a good idea! dont let me hold you back :slight_smile: Thank you @Latroy


Glad you like it @Gustavo