Referral building ideas


Hi guys, I’m finding it hard to gain refferals. In fact I am yet to find one. Has anyone with refferals have any ideas they might be willing to share so I can build and spread the word??? I’m finding it a hard sell as so many I know are still sceptical on crypto.
BTW my refferal code is 5C34F5 is anyone wants it. :wink:



My miners on 24/7 , your welcome to use mine , if you like


Share why you’re passionate about ETN. Think about why it got your attention. Tell them getting involved now is like buying apple stocks in the nineties! Also tell them how cheap it is right now and they don’t need to invest a whole lot like $50 would do for now or even tell them to just mine for free and let them research it.

There’s so many great points to talk about; look at who you’re talking to, what aspect of Electroneum would appeal to them more? Banking the unbanked? Remittance payments? Do they own a business and pay hefty bank fees or use PayPal a lot? Do they travel a lot? Are they into saving? That kind of thing.

Don’t worry about referral, that comes naturally later.


I think if your made some donation for your referrals it will be good I do that every week for all my referral and all of us happy :wink::sunglasses: