Recover Support Account - forward this to support


I can’t seem to log in to my Support Account no matter what details I enter which I took note of when setting it up.

I’ve entered several email addresses and a username or two I thought might get me a Recovery email, but nothing showing up and nothing in spam (just in case).

So… how does a person recover a recovery Support account?

It’s hardly likely Support accounts were deleted and I missed an alert.

This really need to be seen by a moderator who can forward it to a support team member. Thank you.

Update: apparently old circa April 2018 Support Accounts were deleted when the old Support System was updated (see below for more) - this information was given to me in conversation with a moderator.


Support accounts are totally different to your main etn account , you have to create a support account using a completely different email address for security…

Just create another one if needed .


Chris - not helpful.


Sorry I miss read your post this morning.

2 options
, if you can’t log in to your support account . Make a new one then explain what happened within support

Or ask @Rachel @BegaMutex @MSystem may be able to help…

Sorry if my reply was wrong it was 6.30 and I had just woke up hahahhahaha …


To anyone else reading this with Support Account login issues, having spoken to a moderator - apparently the old help desk was completely removed some time near last April 2018.

Also apparently all Support Accounts were completely removed during that time, which if true would explain my login troubles.

If a moderator is reading this - I think it would be a good idea to post this Support Account removal reminder which I imagine will cut down on Yoti trouble when people will inevitably need support accounts given how unfit for purpose Yoti’s system is - for example Yoti will not accept my EU Member State Government issued valid in-date photo, name, address, d.o.b. I.D. (this is not due to questionable document - it’s due to the Yoti automated system not being configured to read my document format, a document which millions of people in my country have. Note: Yoti do not have a workaround mechanism in place to allow Yoti Support to manually approve documentation I.D., which is pathetic.

A Yoti Support (in use the term loosely) sent me this: “Our tech team are working to make sure we have these templates in the app to allow us to accept a wider range of ID documents. Fingers crossed this will happen … soon.”)

A note at the Support Account login / register page - alerting old closed (circa April) support accounts would save people the hassle of trying to recover now deleted support accounts.

I think it best a moderator make this thread as their status will lend added credence to the alert.


@MSystem @BegaMutex

For your attention …


To be honest Jo, it was widely publicised at the time that the old ticket system was going. In the last 6 months i haven’t seen a single query, request or issue with that… you are literally the first person to mention it here or in telegram.

i see you have made a separate post about the ID issue and i have passed on the suggestion about support system so am closing this thread.