Recent price bump!


Today’s been great! Can we get up to .006 USD? Is this just related to the boost in the general crypto market? Or can we thank recent electroneum developments for the increase? Either way, I’m excited haha!


Yep just went over!!!

$0.006052 USD (12.74%)
0.00000095 BTC (11.89%)

Market Cap

$47,997,860 USD
7,508 BTC

Volume (24h)

$337,508 USD
52.79 BTC

Plus BTC at $6400 ATM


Haha I was just about to mention that. Crazy how that happens!


Yeah many of us are watching :wink: I think its a bit of both driving the price. :slight_smile: Given the ETN solution is hitting markets now would expect this to go to a few cents once first mobile user is using it in Oct. Wait and see.


Amazing what 10btc worth of buy orders can get started! :wink: ETN to the MOON Baby!


Oops made a double post on this :joy:


W… Away from the PC and come back…lol


currently at watch also… love seeing how broken hearted dumpers would be


Something is happening, let us see how this plays out :slight_smile:


Yeah going higher. This is still cheap as chips given the actual products being delivered to market. Client update announcements will make half a cent look silly IMO. A simple pump and dump would be crazy. Early days indeed!


98 Sat so far :joy: :scream: :rocket:


I hope we can do this every day


I a m o u t o f s pe a k


Here is both pumps:


Yeah volume grab. I was going to do the same thing but cant move funds in that fast. Happy to $ cost average.


Cryptopia better reference for price given volume dominance. So 99 sats high so far.



Is that a Green Candle or are you just happy to see me? :wink:


lol…the green candle, it is so good to see something positive since when i don’t remember. I bought 33K for 11 hours ago :slight_smile:


Just shouting at the screen like “come on baby you can do it, you can doooooooooo it keep going!” haha