Recent drop in Price Causes


Could anyone speculate on the possible causes of the recent drop to $0.016353?


Impatient people nothing more, ETN is still the future


Traders that trade the news



We broke out of a tightening pattern. Volume was low so a break to the downside was very possible. Now probably heading towards support at around 200sats. Good time to buy more ofcourse :).


I’d imagine it’s just lack of news after the initial surge. As you can see, volume has been decreasing from a recent high of $10M.


Might be KYC reluctance.

Tonight I had my own EU Government issued ,(picture & address) ID denied by Yoti. Haven’t any other to send them.

If this is happening to a lot of people (I imagine it is), I suspect many will just dump to exchange and get out before 12th. Hate to say it, but I might be forced to do the same - although I will persevere for a reasonable time.


If you’re forseeing a potential freezing of your assets you could always transfer to and make use of the cli command line wallet while you are sorting out your kyc.


If that’s for me, my PC is actually grinding away syncing the blockchain for the last few hours.

However I’m much happier with my funds visible on my mobile wallet - so I’ll have to see what happens in next day or two.

I checked and Yoti does apparently accept the document I provided from my country. I’m about 7 years older now so maybe Yoti’s dumb system just can’t handle how handsome I’ve become since my older (younger me) picture on my ID. It needs human approval.

This s#it will really annoy people on mass when the swell of late-comers attempt Yoti in the last day or two. I waited this long hoping the grief (and it is major grief) would already be ironed out.

Actually I came back to further speculate a little on price drop - I did notice a few other small cap coins I’m watching are down very similar amount (10%) to ETN today.

Perhaps an opportunity to short a few coins is apparent. Price has since climbed a small bit, hopefully it continues.


Maybe this too, I write reasons:


We hold nice and steady enough, given the fact that we have not received anything in the news department for some time now, the KYC is bothering a lot of people and the greedy f2pool is mining empty blocks, so the transactions take a bit more time than usual, for some people even days.

When all these will be solved, at least the big news and/or the KYC, ETN will show its true value even in a manipulated market.


I’m curious… how do you know marketing hasn’t started? I don’t think we will all see the marking when and if It did start. We don’t know where they are marketing. Cell phone providers will be marketing it and that is something most of us won’t see. My app never crash so I think that has something to do with different cell phones and storage and age of phone. Last I heard about iOS is that it’s still in beta and they was fixing issues in the cloud mining. (Stated in AAT 5 series video interview) the latest AAT video explains more and also the first wave of marketing that we won’t be seeing unless you are with that cell phone provider.