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New gripe with ELECTRONEUM…

I had retreated somewhat on my criticism of the painful user experience of dealing with Electroneum having waited as I did 16 days for KYC approval to achieve level 3 verification.

So over two weeks later and now I’m level 3 and my wallet has finally been unlocked so I try to import my offline paper wallets to the Electroneum app, the first goes fine except that the average time to process the transaction and have it in my wallet is seven hours!!!

Fine… I’ll scan all of my wallets in and wait…NOPE!


I have 6, So now I’ve got 42 hours to wait in seven hour intervals to get my paper wallets into the Electroneum app!?!?!?

This is not fast and frictionless operation and I don’t remember it ever being stated anywhere that paper wallets can only be imported one at a time, surely we can do better than this?

I suspect the paper import process in the app is a surplus service to the core functionality and thus hasnt had much priority for developer time or hardware resource. Im sure the team would love to dedicate more time and money to it but there are higher priorities 13225. Thanks for the feedback though.

in terms of a solution, use the CLI or GUI wallet with remote node and you can get all those paper wallets imported in an hour easily. :+1:

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Thanks for the reply but for the average user, CLI or GUI doesn’t cut it.

And if transferring the safest method of storing ETN to the most common method of using it isn’t core functionality or priority then frankly I don’t think it’s fit for purpose… It should not be this difficult!

Rather than speeding up and making the management of funds easier, every step of dealing with ETN seems bloated, lengthy and cumbersome like you’re being deliberately slowed down.

Appreciate your opinion though, cheers!

Something done rarely and by a small selection of users (importing paper wallet) as opposed to actions done thousands of times per second by most users (transactions, payments, IPS, wallet refreshes etc etc) will obviously be lower priority for streamlining and developer resource. That’s common sense…especially as your example even talks about multiple paper wallets, which is even more rare.

I’m sure they will dedicate time to it eventually, when it is a higher priority than the current development and improvements. :+1:

Side note, the GUI desktop wallet is extremely easy to use and even comes with a userguide to help…but i agree, it’s not as easy as importing on the phone app.

But we appreciate the recommendation though, im sure improvements are already scheduled in for the future. :+1:

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