Reason For Less miners on etn mining app


As i seen in a day etn app make appox 10etn, so this is the main reason the app users stop mining anymore because it take a complete day for make inly 10etn. we need to think about it deeply because once we had double miners!


Hello house,we don’t need to bother about less mobile miner for now, what will trigger the mobile app is around the corner with all the plans on ground about our great team… Cheers


It will be maybe this friday or in comming days new update - maybe with more languages + with maybe some list of vendors… good will be some game inside like - HODL rocket or Fight the FUD… so then the numbers go again UP… in Semtember or October we beat 1 000 000 downloads of the app… Maybe iOS version will be ready. Stay tunned :slight_smile:


My guess is other mobile miner sell up their phone to buy etn when etn is very very cheap . When the price drop to $0.008 , its started less mobile miner . Its just my guess hahaha


Hmm personal reasons as for me I’m into buying than mining,


if the payout increases the surely miners increases


True i think there will be more people that mine when price goes up however a lot of those people will miss out on the early coins then now you get much more coins every month for a maximum of 3 dollars then later on when price is higher but in the end the unbanked are the ones that really would benefit of it when they start and do marketing to them :blush:


Yes if cos i’m sure they are monitoring the payout and fastness


They have big plans ahead, and need to use the coins wisely when it counts most. Dishing it all out to a select few who were just lucky enough to know about it first is not the end goal. Mass adoption is key.