Really slow mobile mining?


Starting about 3 weeks ago, my mobile mining went from 3-5 ETN a day to less than 1 ETN a day. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is my phone putting it to sleep all of a sudden?


Are you using oreo (Android 8)?


Yes. Now that you mention it, it does seem like this started right after I got an Android Update.

If this is the cause, is there a solution?


I have the same issue updated to Oreo 8 android hash rate went from 38-40 down to 30 . Hasn’t changed since.
My son’s s6 a slower phone on Android 7 winds at 38 hash lol…

But all good still mining free money


Yeah, Oreo has new task management features that quickly kills apps not in the foreground.


I’m on Android 7 and have a constant 35-37 hs on s7 phone. Reading this I’m a bit scared to update.


Is there a solution? Tell Oreo to “keep this app alive”?


Yup , settings then device management then battery then

unmonitored apps click on that then three dots top right of screen then add apps and search for etn then allow app to run in background.
That should stop Oreo shutting it down etc

Hope this helps



Hmm. I did that several days ago. Didn’t seem to change the behavior.


If it’s running and doesn’t close in the backround it’s the same as mine , just a bit slower than older phones … mine stays open yet is slower than s7 s6 etc lol …


it’s the mining difficulty going up I supposr


I do expierence the same issue. I guess that starter after the migration of the wallet. The speed is fine, but the reward has been reduced drasticaly. Now it takes about 7 days to mine 10 etn with a speed of 30h/s. The app is running 24/7. Anyone else with the same issue?
And by the way my gf app on her phone is behaving the same way.


But if it does, shouldnt we be notified? People wouldnt wonder and speculate.


Same! I can barely mine 0.30-0.35 ETN in a day now!


for me i’m on android 6.0.1 and it’s fast get 10 etn every day .(except the 2 weeks ago ) but now it’s good enough 10 per day i thing it’s good


So, it appears to be an issue with the new Android OS. Hopefully, the ETN devs are paying attention and working to update the app to actually function.


I mine 10 ETN every 2-3 days… Is good i think…


Since the Android update, I’m getting less than 1 a day.


Winds at 38 hashes a second huh :joy:


Hahahaha I have no idea what that’s supposed to be hahahhahaha … Done on mobile so autocorrect is to blame. :wink:

Either that or I’m stupid