Really simple, yet safe, feature for App!


Hide balance

Just for people who like see their coins in their wallet but don’t want it exposed when showing the app to others.


Nice idea Kyle.

What about transactions below the balance, do you think it should include those?


Maybe it could include a small standard tutorial in app where features are explained and actual balances and transactions remain hidden… This may make it easier to share the functionality and easy of use with friends without showing them how much you’re worth. Further removing any barriers to spread virally…

Nice idea!


Great idea. Especially since, at certain times, you might to show that screen to a merchant you’ve just purchased from to prove the transaction.

The merchant will probably get instant confirmation on his own device. But who knows. Perhaps he left his device at home and only have his QR code with him. This way you can show him the confirmed transaction without him seeing your entire balance.

Imaging having the merchant see your credit card balance every time you swipe your credit card!

Great feature, IMO…


yes thats a great idea.


That is a super idea!


Definitely! Maybe a simple toggle bar that can ‘hide numbers/balances’ for the wallet balance and transactions.


You made a perfect examplw of why this feature can be helpful/safe for users! Thanks :grin:


yeah. i like the idea too


ETN is slowly feeling more like a crypto bank so transactions would be nice!