Real-time transactions – graft vs electroneum, etc


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Seems like just alot of words but not alot of substance, its very easy to call out Electroneum because we are partly centralized and keep using the word of the moment “decentralized” as being a hybrid blockchain opens up doors that being “decentralized” at the moment atleast dosen’t because of things like KYC. Alot of these other coins don’t have the branding and the regulation that ETN is going for so its abit of a different ball game.

People will naturally compare ETN’s payment system to others but you have to factor in what market ETN is going for and what its end goal is. ETN never set out to be fully “decentralized” ETN is trying to bridge the gap between mainstream and crypto thats were alot of the money is at. If someone else comes along that is doing the same, has more users then ETN and the same or better tech then I would be worried.