Ready for the Marathon?


As we get more and more new people into our community I think is so very important for those of us who have been in Crypto for a while to help educate the new members on the basic of how things work. Letting people know that price is not necessarily a reflection of how good a coin/project is. Many people are being exposed to crypto for the first by via Electroneum and they see our coin is off 95% or more from our high price. We loose a huge number of people right off the bat when they see this because they have zero clue that is the case for 99% of every alt coin and that we are in a massive BTC bear market. Most everyone would never invest in Stock/Company if they saw a 95% drop in value. If Amazon stock lost 95% of Value in 9 months would you want to invest? The answer is would be no. However for those of us that understand how crypto works we see that we could have easily have 40x gains if or when we return to our all time high price. The only way to get people to invest is through education and understanding the risk/reward principles. The Electroneum team is extremely limited on their ability to discuss price, markets, trends or give any type of finical advice. This however is where us community members can fill in the gap. Also letting people know that they should never ever invest if that can not afford to lose it all would be the first step. Many people I have talked to and have meet have this Moon & Lambo mentality, thinking that they will be driving a Lambo with the $5 worth of ETN they hold now in a few months. This kind of thinking is like Cancer for the crypto community because when it doesn’t happen within a few weeks the FUD begins and people start calling it $hit coin and it is scam, you know all the normal things we hear on a daily basis. We have had some of the most incredible news come out in the past few weeks for Electroneum, with new exchanges, new partners and our Instant Payment System. In which not one of this things has had any type of positive effect on price. Why is that you may ask? Well it goes back to the people looking at our 95% price drop. New people not understanding how ground breaking Electroneum really is. They are locked in When Moon, When Lambo thinking! Not understanding that we are not in a 50 yard dash but we are running a Marathon. Understanding that since we are paired with BTC our price can drop or spike in price and have nothing to do with ETN whatsoever. Understand that a bear market can last for years, not months! Understanding that you judge a coin on what is doing now, tomorrow and plans for the future! Investing knowing that the race to the top will be a Marathon not a dash to the finish line. Giving emotional support to those people who hodl the coins if we see a huge crash in BTC price and if ETN drops another 50-75% in value. Letting them know that is just part of the race, that we will have to climb some hills in order to cross the finish line. Our future is bright and no matter how long it may take to get to that finish line it will happen one day! Stay strong and enjoy the race to the finish!


Yes indeedleedoo!
But let’s hope that we see a sprint to $1 until January 2019, so that we can stay strong for the marathon. :slight_smile:


As saying goes, ‘self-education is the only education that matters’ … if they are really interested they will be the one asking us first…
like what i do when i was starting in crypto world, i really want to learn so i did some digging by myself… Ask those who have lots of experience and learn from them… We are willing to educate them about ETN, what we really needed to do is to ignite their interest…


When I was 12 my mom let me work a bit with her share dealing account… with a minimal balance like 400CZK (~20USD). So i decided to buy 50 shares of Vítkovice Steel 8,40CZK/per share (~40¢/share). Then i did nothing… 1 year, 2 years… One day i just looked and said omfg… The price rose to 260CZK/share (~13USD/share) … 3000% … I made approx 600$ from 20$.

I agree the current price doesnt say anything about the quality or the Future Price… I believe in ETN


Yup, I agree wholeheartedly. I’d love to see some more push towards education of new investors in the cryptosphere, as opposed to just yanking them in with promises of lambos. All part of that organic growth mindset. The more people we can get genuinely interested, and educated, the easier it becomes to onboard more and more users; this is what fuels that viral growth we all desire!


Nice post…I agree…:+1::+1: