Re instating yoti app after cancelling details etc


After deleting my account with Yoti for personal reasons I later refilled in all details required and all approved
except I cannot find the QR code to rescan as levels 1 & 2 have been completed on my computer screen when I deleted my Yoti account did it delete all my details with Electroneum or not and do I need to rescan the QR code help and answers if possible please

Note I did ask Yoti about the QR code and they stated that I needed to scan from the Electroneum site due to https://and data transference . If any body understands this further help then please. Because this QR problem is going to come up again with somebody else who deletes their yoti account and tries to reinstate it


I don’t fully understand what you mean but when you setup a Yoti account it makes a recovery folder in Google Drive. Once you have setup level 1 and 2 in Electroneum it stays there you don’t have to rescan anything.