Quorra Market: Buy and Sell Tech Devices with ETN


This week, we launched the Quorra Market! It’s a Peer to Peer Marketplace, where you can Buy and Sell Tech devices with Electroneum, PayPal or Stripe! We have a number of Electroneum Peer’s that have listed some really cool tech items, so go and have a look!

The first sale took place on Day 1, and it was a Google Home Mini in exchange for ETN!!!
Check out QuorraMarket.com

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That is just awesome!

I do only wonder what securities I have when I buy something there. If its peer to peer and payment goes with crypto, how can I be sure that I will get the items ? A middlemen service would be nice. Other than that, this is great news :slight_smile:


Because we have Polices in place that state the Seller must supply the Tracking Information with both Quorra Market (Us) and the Buyer: https://www.quorramarket.com/market-policy

If the item is never sent out, the payment will be refunded to the Buyer. If the Buyer does not receive the item, or if it’s in a condition that was not shown or stated in the listing, the Buyer gets a Refund and the Seller is Banned from the Marketplace.
Buyers are also covered by PayPal Protections as well.

Please read our Terms and Policies. Understand that we have your back in the case of something going wrong. Our Marketplace is built upon trust. If that trust is broken, swift action will be taken.


A Middleman is what we’re avoiding on purpose. Please read our About Section as to why: https://www.quorramarket.com/about


Cant wait to give it a go when Instant payments are out of beta :slight_smile:


You can still use our market! The Beta part is it’s only 1000 vendors that have the API. That doesn’t mean you can use it!


Better Things are indeed coming