Questions Regarding Merging


These days I have been reading about a lot of banks being merged. There are lots of advantages when companies merge, along with disadvantages.

My question, will it ever be possible for two cryptocurrencies or blockchain companies to merge?

I might be wrong, however technically is it possible for two crypt companies of the same blockchain to merge? For eg: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, bitcoin diamond, bitcoin private… Can they merge? ETN & Monero?

Is it possible for two diff blockchain companies to merge? For eg: Binance & Bitpanda? I think technically it’s not possible, however requesting experts to educate me/us on this.


Etn has a different goal thn monero.
There is no reason to merge.
But if you want to know if its possible for not? Then I think it’s a no. One blockchain has to shut down and they will have to make every investors move to the running one.


so it is possible to merge by shutting down one company and moving the users to the other, isn’t it?

in that case, how will the users be compensated with their investment?
for eg: i hold 100 coins of the company which shut down and value was 100 the new company 100 coins would be 200
which means i should get 50 coins of the new company, however who will give this 50 coins? coz all companies claim that they burn excess coins which has been allocated for a particular purpose…

These are questions on my head…


Better than merge is to sign some partnership or MOU like the team make in history. Now we only need deal come true. And more vendors accept our crypto and than some type of dealers like transfer vise have it. Normal people can go there and can change ETN directly to cash. If we do it and have thousands of this offices around the world we change all cryptocurrencies and go for sure to top10! I suggest that only if you have lvl 3 kyc you can use this possibility. :slight_smile: