Questions about kyc verification

I have been using your online wallet before, but I have n’t used it normally since you asked for authentication. The reason is that you asked for yoti verification and I can’t do identity authentication. Because I am Chinese, I do not have a passport. Yoti only supports passport authentication. How do I use my online wallet now? I also do n’t use your online wallet anymore. I want to withdraw the amount in it. How can I do it?

If you cant use Yoti, create a support ticket, tell them you cant use yoti and request they switch you to basic verification (i.e. not use yoti).
(remember to create a support account, this is NOT the same login as your wallet).

You can then do all stages via the website ( and not use yoti at all.


Electroneum is no longer using Yoti for verification services. Please see the KYC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further help on KYC/AML.

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