Question to the marketing God Richard Ells from Saber Maram Ceo of Bittube

Hello Community

Bittube has recently released their Social Media Plattform,

I have been talking with saber Maram ceo of bittube on how to reach mass adoption , so i wanted to ask no one else than the Marketing God aka Richard Ells, How can Bittube reach 100m users ? what would be the best marketing strategy? @ETNCEO

Hey @thanksmia

As you know I am a supporter of both projects. They are my 1a and 1b in the crypto space. But to be fair, the platform is not “released”. It is in closed beta for the 25k+ stakers. But it looks great none the less.

In terms of marketing, I highly doubt you get a reply as Richard and team are 110% focused on their own marketing strategy via MVNOs and MNOs with boots on the ground. Tube is a very different project with a very different initial target group. So it will require a very different strategy.

I am sure Richard would have some ideas on how to market it, but frankly Tube is not his concern as he has his own project to work on. Saber is a very bright guy and will be able to figure out his own strategy. But I think that platform will speak for itself and get good organic growth as the product sells itself with the social media integration it does.

P.S. I fully expect a forum mod to move this to the non-ETN discussion forum if not lock it all together as it can be read with a dose of sarcasm. But, all good with me.