Question regarding KYC and ETN price increase


hi I have less than 10 grand worth of ETN now so dont have to do Tier3 of the KYC but what if I was not working and receiving a disability pension or the likes and bought 10,000 ETN now for .02cent which are worth €200 out of my pension. Then In a years time ETN sky rockets to €1.20 and my ETN are worth €12000. What do i do then if i have no Recent payslip, no Letter from an employer and a bank account only showing my mediocre pension. How could I pass teir 3 of the KYC?


You’re trying to phrase it to appear impossible
You’ll have to apply for bank statement


i’m not trying to phrase this anyway my friend. I thought this was a crypto for the “Un Banked” I just worry if this coin increases in value it’s going to be very hard for some people to get their money? Forgive me if i’m wrong and if I am please explain.


I have a disability , I don’t have a pension no wages etc . I’m lvl 3 kyc

Wasn’t that hard to sort, driving license , council tax bill and another document.

I agree what your saying I asked the same about a kids account…


Was wondering same thing. Also what if you are underage and have not been working anywhere / have no income.


What i’m really trying to say is that if ETN does as well as we all expects will everyone need to do level 3?