Question: How can I verify a payment made with ETN?

Say for example, I don’t have possession of the receiving wallet that is where customers are to direct payments to, and payments are supposed to automatically provide a customer an asset or service, how can I verify if a payment was sent to said wallet without being in person for them to open the app for me and verify if the funds went to that address so that we may compensate?


Not 100% clear on what you are asking Xkira.

Firstly, all transactions from Sept 30th onwards are now transparent, so you can see them on blockchain explorer.

If you are referring to transactions before that date, to be able to verify a transaction you need one of two things:

  1. To have the public & view key of the receiving wallet. (you can then see transactions in read only mode)
  2. Have the person who sent the coins give you the transaction hash and transaction private key (note this is NOT the same as the wallet private key commonly known as the “spend key”)
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