Question about long live etn!

What will happen if government will shut down and disable apps? Then electroneum is dead? We need some kind of backup, hardware wallet or something like that… Even the paper wallet will be just a waste of paper if there is no wallet to activate it…

You should be aware that the chance of a government shutdown of the first crypto to achieve compliance in kyc is ludicrously small. Also the paper wallet is fully usable with the decentralized blockchain using the cli. Last I have seen posts recently about a hardware wallet coming soon from third party vendors.


If the government were to shut down Electroneum then the coin would become worthless. Without the ecosystem it’s just a fork of monero minus some privacy features

Tasting paper wallet, it takes more than one hour to sweep it in to wallet, and still pending… I cannot understand why it takes so long time? It stays on “Processing job”… kinda weird

Hahahaha, the government…shut down something they can tax? That’s KYC and AML compliant…yeah stroll on.


A gov’t shutdown would have zero effect on Electroneum. Electroneum is a private company face to a decentralized blockchain. It has nothing to do with the gov’t

Edit. I miss understood. You are referring to the govt shutting ETN down. That is even more unlikely with it being fully compliant and taxable with a director that was knighted by the Queen of England. It won’t happen. But IF it did, it would not matter. It is still a decentralized blockchain that works without the ETN front office


yeah, I agree. Importing paper wallets into web-wallet is somehow slow (hours). You scan and hand over your paper-wallet keys to the ETN Ltd centralized web-wallet system. It’s very secure, easy and worry-free, but due to the security involved the downside is speed.

However, if you somehow are in a hurry there is a superfast CLI wallet alternative.

I’ve personally beta-tested numerous web-paper-web transactions, it takes from 1 hour to a few days (worst case scenario).

Yeah i just tested to before sending bigger amounts to paper, but it’s still processing, soon it will be 24 hours of processing, just wondering what is the technical reason for so long time to process paper wallet . Where to find that CLI alternative?

CLI is somewhat advanced, are you familiar with the command line?
An amazing community member @cuddlesquid has made quite a few how-to-do’s on the subject



Our mobile wallet bridges a gap that blockchain lacks, which is the instant payment feature. Import time will get better as we develop.

@RSKNOR pointed out our guide for you, be sure to take a look at the View Mode only. This mode will only require a View Key and not the Spending Key, allowing you to use Remote Node method and take a look at your Paper Wallet balance (since you provided view key from paper wallet).

This is by far the easiest way to view balance on a paper wallet without importing it. Since your Spend Key is safely stored and not provided anywhere, there is no way of anyone extracting your ETN. By downloading 150MB CLI wallet, you can check your paper wallet in minutes, as long as your PC quality is not extremely poor as it will take some time to refresh wallet and populate wallet data.

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