QR Scanning Options


Hi team,

I believe there is a need for scanning QR wallet codes that are showing on a phone’s screen within a browser, Twitter, etc…
If someone is showing a QR code in Twitter and I want to scan it to send ETN, I would need to print it to scan it with the app. It would be great if the app let you switch from camera scan to screen scan for that scenario.

If there is already a better way to do what I’m suggesting, could someone please let me know? Thanks all.
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I assume you mean you are looking at a QR code on your phone and want to send to that QR code?

Well obviously if you bring it up on your computer or another phone you can scan with your phone.

If you are using the Instant Payment system it has a deep link (i.e. you can click on the QR code and it loads your app up with the details in it).

If you are on your phone and it has the public address as well, you can just copy and paste it into the app.

So i think the only instance that has an issue based on what you said is if you are looking at an image of a qr code from on your phone and cant look at it on any other device, phone or computer?

In terms of a solution, i guess its technically possible that the app could have some functionality added to it so it can scan its own screen or an image perhaps. Seems a little niche though.



You are correct on all points. However, I can just about guarantee that the target demographic for Electroneum is not sitting at a computer with cell phone in hand to scan other people’s QR code remotely. The QR codes for ETN wallets should and will become widely used if the app is to be used in mass. Aside from maybe the core crypto enthusiasts, people don’t like dealing with the wallet address text strings. If someone in Uganda is shopping on their phone with an online vendor that accepts ETN, wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to deal with the text strings?



If its an online vendor they will likely be using the instant payment widget, and if you click on the QR code it opens your app with the details.