Q&A - Manc Italian and Beth Honig, UK Director at Ubuntu Pathways. 21st August 2019. London


Good morning ETN community! :slightly_smiling_face:

A few weeks ago, I contacted Beth Honig to help with some donations from our community to welcome them to Electroneum, she was really impressed and wanted to say thank you so yesterday I had a little trip across London to the Ubuntu offices and had a chat with their UK director and her colleague.

Q&A - Manc Italian and Beth Honig, UK Director at Ubuntu Pathways. 21st August 2019. London

Q. How did this all come about?

A. ETN approached us, we got a phone call from Nick Cook one day.

Q. Your miner rewards (block awards) are said to be approx $6k per month? How is it spent?

A. It’s not quite $6k yet. We only just received the donation in FIAT the other day as it took a while to get set up correctly on all the necessary exchanges.

Q. What is the feeling now in SA about ETN?

A. Originally we thought it too good to be true but now we think it is amazing and word is spreading

Q. Are there any media articles planned?

A. Not at the moment no, but it is early. We found social media has been a cesspool with negativity so we find it can be counter-productive (especially with the usual ETN fudders on Twitter)

Q. Do you have other humanitarian members of the board that could get more involved in crypto?

A. Some of our supporters already invest in BTC. Not aware of any on the board.

Q. What was your feeling about crypto before ETN introduced themselves and how do you feel about it now?

A. Initially, we were cynical, but now we think incredible what can be done with the additional funds.

Q. Do you plan to pay for other goods and or services with ETN? For example, support local businesses that accept ETN?

A. Possibly when there is a bigger ecosystem, then maybe yes. At the moment our block rewards are being converted back to fiat using an exchange. ETN did provide an OTC solution but we are using Liquid (Quoine) at the moment to get access to the fiat equivalent.

After the meeting, it was clear Beth is really impressed so far with the project and was further overwhelmed by the donations which came flooding in.

Altogether they had around 17 payments which arrived almost instantly in ETN. This total was over £100 which we agreed was pretty good for just a fleeting message on a couple of community boards.

Huge kudos to the sole member who donated 17000 ETN, that was really kind and Beth wanted to personally say thank you to that individual.

The donations further showcased another ETN benefit of instant payment which they would not have experienced had they just received their block rewards alone.

I recommended to Beth anything they can do from attracting investors to holding fundraising events sponsored with ETN and other events to increase awareness will help everyone especially in what they will get back in value from miner rewards.

Ubuntu thank the community for their support so far and would like to stay in touch for potential future fundraising events.

One of those fundraising events is a marathon across London so if there are any keen athletes out there who are supporters of Electroneum and aligned with Ubuntu’s vision, please drop me a PM and will work with ETN team to see what can be done.


Fantastic :+1::+1::+1:

Thankyou for doing this off your own back. Brilliant questions and superb answers.

Good to see etn is doing good deeds…



Thanks for sharing this


Nice interview, well done.


Awesome initiative doing this interview much appreciated :+1:


Thanks for sharing your q&a and going out of your way to do this, would be interesting to know the volume of trade through the OTC desk and who is providing that service

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