Putting things into perspective! Stop worrying about short term small percentage drops in ETN , Bitcoins value dropped 90% back in june 2011!

This Ars Technica article back in 2011 shows how Bitcoin collapsed 90% back in June 2011 , can you imagine if we had the fudders who fud ETN for small percentage dips , can you imagine how they would have savaged Bitcoin when it dropped 90%

well we all know the price today !!!

This should be a lesson for those who sell early for cheap gains due to believing the value has gone
dont be disheartened by a few percentage drops here and there , thats not a measure or representation of a 3-4-5 year run , please be patient

Same as that poor bloke who paid for his pizza in BTC I bet he is still crying.

Bitcoin, the world’s first peer-to-peer digital currency, fell below $3 on Monday

3 dollars wish I’d got In on that lol.

Yeah I agree no need to worry , we are a young coin we have time to grow and evolve into something amazing.
Price goes up , it also comes down .

Fud is a part of daily life , unfortunately it’s built into our nature. As you said

This is our key to success… time and we have plenty of it…

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Totally agree…

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