Push notifications...extend mining feature

Just a thought on the up coming push notifications.

It would be amazing to have the feature of when a users 7 days mobile miners time is nearly up to have a push notification to say “the 7 days of mobile mining is nearly up. Do you wish to continue mining ?”

Just by clicking on the pop up will then re-start the mobile miner again for 7 days. Very simple idea that would get 99% of users to continue mining.

Just an idea anyhow.

Although that makes sense…i personally would prefer if it didn’t.

People are getting rewarded for being involved…using the app, utilising the coin, feeding the ETN ecosystem. I think making it easier for people who never even turn the app on is just encouraging the mobile miner pool to be used up in areas that don’t help the project (i.e. people who just mine to dump/hodl the coins). Remember, the first screen users are met with when logging in is the miner… so people who use the app wont forget.

Just as the payout is designed with increased rewards for target demographics (i.e. those who are most likely to actually USE the coin like SA), i think the functionality should do the same. I don’t think it helps the project having mobile mining coins going to people who dont use the app… i have no problem with those kind of users forgetting to extend.

Just my personal take.


I tend to agree with @BegaMutex - the idea for the mobile miner (and free coins) is engagement and being actively involved, which to my mind means being genuinely interested and wanting to take an active interest in Electroneum’s growth and adoption.

If a person needs a “prod” every 7 days, then surely they don’t really feel that tiny bit passionate enough to warrant taking coins from the pool that could go to other new community members in the future - members that might have the interest that those “needing reminding” don’t have.

For me, no to a push reminder to press a button once every 7 days (sorry @NumpteeNutz, and I make no judgement on your own passion for ETN).


Looks like the ETN app now has this suggestion added to the push notifications as evident by the latest tweet:

PlayStore also has an Electroneum App update (ver 4.2.0)

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