Pundi X or Electroneum? Who will succeed first?


My opinion is Electroneum by far will reach mainstream adoption quicker if pundix even becomes mainstream. The facts are there for Electroneum and what they strive to achieve. Pundix is kind of hard to compare to Electroneums ecosystem.


Let me give you an answer, the Use case is a key. Mass adoption is a very demanding goal but if you dedicate yourself in your vision and you foresee your future than you will succeed. I believe Electroneum is on his road standing strong on its feet. The comparison is irrelevant. If you would remember Dime coin, (539 billion coin circulating), introduced back in 2014 and partnered with Paytomat the project was very promising jet it never reached more than 4 satoshis. Why? we do not know. You need/ must believe in your vision firstly for yourself than for the human well being. Sometimes the value is weighted and driven by the greed but if so you will fail. Dedication and patience is a Virtue. He, Who Dares, Wins. In my honest opinion today in Crypto world Electroneum has already succeeded.