Pump and Dump speculation?


Pump e dump speculation?

Speculation is always intrinsic in every self-respecting crypt, but the reality that makes the difference is that etn is placed in an area of ​​99% compared to the others, wanting to insert itself as a currency of 99% that has not invested in the crypts for a speculative pump and dump as it is currently, but for real use of the same starting with mobile operators with whom it has already entered into partnerships, in various e-commerce, physical stores and anything else is part of the financial system of funds transfers. I just say that the current partners will have a potential of tens of millions new users, and as this expands, I think many would like to go back in time to invest in etn properly. Obviously it is my thought … Needless to say, we must invest only what is really willing to lose. :rocket::zap:️:full_moon: