Puerto Rican Driver's

I have a Puerto Rican Driver’s License. Yoti is not accepting it as ID. So I submitted the Driver’s License and info directly to the Electroneum Website and I get this message back.
"Reviewer’s comment:
The details on the document do not match those provided.

Your identity document should be less than 10 years old and will be used to verify the information that you have already provided.

What we can accept:
Driving Licence"

What should I do now?

As the message says, the documents you provide for KYC must match the information you provided when registering your account. They are prohibited from accepting documents that don’t match exactly or are above a certain age.

Where is the information I provided those years ago? I do not see a copy of it.

If you are having issues with Yoti, you can create a support ticket and ask them to remove Yoti as a requirement. You will then be able to submit your documents to the team direct via my.electroneum.com.

Support System: https://support.electroneum.com (this is the support site, NOT the same login as your wallet, create an account if you haven’t already on that link)

Please Note however, that just like the KYC officers processing your documents at Yoti, the trained staff at Electroneum are following the same laws and will still only be able to accept legitimate documents.

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Electroneum is no longer using Yoti for verification services. Please see the KYC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further help on KYC/AML.

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