Promoting ETN via Youtube Channels


So I have been following several channels on youtube for crypto news. There is one guy I really enjoy watching (Crypto Bitcoin Chris). Long story short, after bugging him all the time to cover ETN and not really making progress. I decided to tip him a small amount of ETN (~100 ETN). This forced him to download the mobile app, which made him realize how under the radar ETN is right now.

Now, we chat via twitter about all the news coming from the ETN team. He has also covered ETN more, but more importantly included his ETN address in his video descriptions for tipping. This may not seem like a lot but this is how I came across coins like TRX, because I would see youtubers accepting tips of coins (not BTC, LTC, or ETH). Any viewers who sees he accepts ETN now, will want to look into exactly what ETN is/going to become.



Excellent job with that!


This may cost you 1k in the future but thanks .


That is marketing, i like


This is actually pretty smart. Now with the Instant payment system some of those you tubers will see what its all about. great job


U did a superb job… we need to find such more youtubers…


Very nice idea to push ETN


Nice idea @thejahcoop there is a lot of youtubers that I really enjoy watching that are big ETN supporters like Sean Davis (crypto for the people), all about tech, crypto NWO and truthful Rob for example :grin:


^ Definitely my go-to for etn vids also ^


I feel like we need more videos tutorials on youtube…how to buy on exchanges, 2fa verification, kyc, how to integrate api’s, etc. I feel like this is what the big ETN youtubers should be doing right now.


I agree @Beeeeep maybe someone could make awesome tutorial video’s or maybe the ETN team could make them for on their website and on their youtube for people to watch if they want to know more about a certain topic good idea :thinking:


I try:) . Marketing for the community


One of these days ETN will be a mainstream topic on youtube. you just wait…


I agree but those youtubers are already using ETN. I think we need to push ETN on more youtube channels such as altcoin buzz or FUD TV, channels i don’t see ETN mentioned all or very little.


I always like to watch altcoin buzz also @thejahcoop and you are right we need more Channels like them altcoin buzz i think did mention etn before but very little Sadly but who knows they might mention it more in the future hopefully :blush:


nice way of promoting ETN… the more we expose it to the public, the more user will gain interest


ETN $150,000 per coin in motion


Thanks for tipping him. Because of your tip he started using ETN. This is exactly what Electroneum Mobile Miner does. Perfect example that our Mobile Miner would bring in masses :slight_smile:


The big U tubers only work for projects that give them free coins don’t be fooled. We have pure honest Utubers Crypto for the People
, ATT, and NWO


Still the best youtubers @Tanwax :sunglasses: