Promoting Electroneum in Brazil

Good afternoon!

My name is Alexandre and I’m from Brazil. I have a great affinity with Electroneum and since I met in 2018 I have been on a mission to spread it to more people who don’t know cryptocurrencies. With that, they would hear them first Electroneum in this fantastic world!

I started organizing a game championship called Top Eleven Manager. It’s a jo
very popular here and has millions of players around the world.

My goal was to create a championship with great prizes and that to enter, I just had to install the Electroneum app and contribute a small amount of ETN.

It was not very easy and at first it was difficult to get the hang of explaining in a simple way without creating suspicion.

Currently there are about 80 participants and more than 200 people have passed through the championship.

Since January of that year I started using instant payment through links and it pleased everyone!

These people started to use ETN as their main currency to trade in game items and to get gifts cards.
Not to mention that each of them passed on to their friends and relatives, as an application and security currency.

Since I started organizing the championship, the prizes cost much more than the small ETN counterpart I received on registration.
Now with this cryptocurrency drop in general, it is getting more and more difficult to continue and that is the reason for my contact.

I would like Electroneum’s support to continue this work that I do here in Brazil. I consider it very important, because they are not people who only accumulate to wish, they started to use in their day to day.

My website for disclosure is this one

WordPress statistics indicate that over the past two years the site has seen 10,000 views. They are people who listen to Electroneum first when it comes to encryption.

Can you support me on this journey?

Hey there @asilva

Wow !! It sounds like you have been busy !! Excellent work spreading the good word of Electroneum and getting people involved :clap:

This is fantastic !! Its nice to see etn being used around the world , again thankyou …



I think you are doing a great job. But fear not the price, it will soon go up and with a positive trend more and more will love what you do


Thanks for your comment!
In fact, what I am most proud of is the involvement of people.
People who had no idea what a cryptocurrency was and heard Electroneum first.


The price was never a concern on my part :sweat_smile:

My real goal is to involve people and present a good alternative to current means of payment.

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