Projection Model: ETN 10 Million+ Users by End of 2019

In today’s The Quorra Show:
Check out our fun projections for what the Electroneum User Numbers look like at the End of 2019

Watch it here:

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7 million more users in next 6 months…? ”Drugs r bad".

I’ll probably be accused of being negative, but this is not going to happen.

2 million more in next 6 months would be an amazing achievement - but even that seems a stretch.

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I don’t think 10mil users by end of year is to far stretched if they line up those 20 countries, gig guru, full instant transaction payment, remittance etc…

10 mil even sounds easy with all of that live. But we’ll have to wait and see where we wind up. I don’t mind if 10 mil is until next year, but IF we get all those countries and deals live by this summer we can probably get a bull run in usernumbers IMO.


Apparently you didn’t see the latest Richard Ells Interview…those are his words Jo. Not mine.

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Exactly! 10 Million sounds very very easy when looking at everything

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Yes I do agree with you we can see easily gain in both registered users no. and great price hike, there are many reasons why there will be aggressive progress rather than slow, it will happen when they finish all ongoing works that are carried out now and then start to advertise it :rocket:

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Watched your vid Merch, great stuff, But I see the ETN vision with a much more conservative approach, I am not expecting 10 million by the end of the year. I am expecting more delays, what ETN is doing with adding 20 more countries is another crypto first, so I am expecting delays, I dont think it will run so smoothly, I suspect problems will arise and if they do, the team will need more time to overcome them. My estimate is a further 2 million users by the end of 2019. See one major problem i see with gig guru is that if I post an add for a website or a design of some sort, how do I know the quality of work will be to the standard I want? I mean, I think it will take time for millennials in the developing nations to develop those digital skills that’s all. I still think ETN will flourish in 2021. But its my opinion, I hope Im wrong and we get 10 million users by the end of 2019. Love your vids bud!


There is already hundreds of millions dollar circulating in other gigs, but all of them are taking some quite distinct fees from the workers.
I don’t think many of them would hesitate much to switch to the etn guru. After all, everyone of them is doing it for a living and profit and if they can do the exact same amount of work and recieve 100% of payment it would be a no brainer for them to make the switch.

I do agree, there’s a great chance there will be couple of flaws and setbacks etc.
But thats none of my concerns as the team will adapt and fix anything asap.

As long as the gig guru website is functional and works like intended people will be flocking IMO.

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10 million users for 10 billion coins would means an average of 1000 ETN per user.
Think about it and imagine what price ETN could reach with such a balance.


Even 5 Million end of year is a lot. I agree about Gig.Guru. That’s not an instant success. That’s a long term thing. That does nothing for the price for a while.

But it’s not. I, and many, have Millions of ETN. Many more have Hundreds of Thousands of ETN. So this 10M - 10B - 1K isn’t even close to accurate. Sorry dude.
But yes, price naturally rises

I guess you didn’t see Richard recent video…

That’s exactly my point. I suspect many of us to have (way) more than 1000 ETN each, 7 and 8 figures, and that’s why I invite people to think about the potential price if we reach that balance.

The dollar parity is not a dream or an unreachable moon, it’s pure demand and supply. We simply have to gain more and more users.

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