Progress Update #9 - Electroneum (ETN) on NEXT

According to NEXT article: Which assets are integrated and available for trading on

We started integrating digital assets from the very beginning of our journey. Currently, the following tokens and coins have been integrated .

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH) + over 40 ERC20 type tokens. We have the capacity to integrate all ERC20 type tokens.
  • Electroneum (ETN)
  • Electra (ECA)
  • Rupee (RUP)


Really excited for this exchange, it’s really promising and the fact they’re going to be using Paypal is fantastic. That will make it so much easier for newcomers to the crypto space, said this in another post but simplifying the purchase process is very helpful especially when it comes to mass adoption. Crytpos need to be easy and quick to obtain to grow the space.

Great news. I didn’t know they were going to use PayPal. I wonder if we will be able to buy electroneum via PayPal directly, without too many steps in between (like buying bitcoin first)

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This is excellent news!! Yay!!:grinning::grinning:

I’m really impressed by that report. An individual wallet address for each trader for each coin? They are doing things the hard way and building it from scratch. I’m really impressed, that’s quite a job to pull off. I’ll stop calling them Next, Next week exchange now

Anyone ever got a confirmation from that exchange? Sent my address proof, and selfie with my ID for quite a while now, still waiting…

I’d really like to know how much % PayPal takes off. I have bad experience with PayPal when I took my earnings out from winminer to my bank account via PayPal.

On their website when you login and check bottom right where the share Telegram updates KYC hasn’t started yet.


And here’s the most recent update in the Telegram post where KYC is mentioned again and it was posted on August 28th.


If I recall you’ll be able to buy it directly via paying with Paypal which is why it’s a game changing feature. It’s hugely simplifying the buying process thus making it much easier for the masses to acquire crypto.

I just saw the official retweet this so it’s obviously 100% official you’ll be able to do direct purchases & withdraws via Paypal.


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At the opening of the exchange i sent 10K ETN to my next wallet, and they are gon. cant find them any more so i am a little bit … for that.

Here is some more updates for, can’t wait for them to fully launch to use Paypal to buy more ETN!

Our team is busy prepping Public V 1.0 of our trading platform. Users will soon discover site changes that align us towards public launch. Server and database upgrades will also be done in the near weeks in order to receive heavy volume. Stay tuned.

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Come on already. I’m waiting for so long to invest directly, since where I’m living I cannot buy BTC to exchange it for other coins. I’ve sent my registration requirements long ago.

Direct PayPal to usd and euro with gbp wallet on the way…
Then buy etn with fiat, I beta tested a while back and went smooth…doors open around 1 October

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Kyc starts once out of beta testing

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What I deposited is what landed so no cost just a transfer from one PayPal account to another, then you buy what ever you like after that…going to to a good exchange :+1:

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I know, that’s why I’m saying I hope it will be over asap.

Very excited about it, I think it’s going the be a fantastic exchange and I think it’s going to attract a lot of new people to crypto. The ability to buy crypto directly with fiat via Paypal and withdraw in fiat to Paypal is huge!

This is going to be a huge asset to Electroneum’s mission of mass adoption too breaking down another barrier making it much easier to obtain ETN in a seamless easy way.

Another update from Next just posted I wanted to share here.

Dear readers and fans
We can, with overflowing excitement say that our platform is nearly ready!

Testing is going well: TX records, auto, partial, and full orders for assets paired with BTC, ETH, NEXT, USD, EUR are executing well on pertinent Blockchains.

The team is quite happy with current results and we are sure that you, our community members, traders, ICO supporters, and onlookers will be pleased as well.

We value excited individuals that accompany us on our journey towards producing a great trading platform! However, we would like to issue a reminder that it is generally a common industry practice for trading platforms to keep listing dates private until the run-up to the actual listing. We kindly ask that this practice is taken into considering and respected. Granted, we are quite an open team - but there are boundaries!

On that note, we wish you all a happy Friday and upcoming weekend!

Best regards, the team.

Also if none of you are there here’s a direct link to their Telegram where they always post the latest updates.

Telegram Group Chat

Telegram Next.Exchange News & Announcements

They are sensitive on their telegram group, you will get banned easily. I got banned for laughing in the most empathetic way to the joke, NEXT Exchange, NEXT NEXT week?" and I’ve seen people get banned for asking legit questions. Being a developer does not mean you are socially adjusted or have even a thin skin. Just giving you a heads up.

I didn’t know it was like that, mostly I’ll just watch for updates. Thank you for the heads up though @Aironeous