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Why does the phone produce very hard ETN?


What do you mean??..


Do you mean it’s hard to earn ETN with the mobile miner app?
If so then that’s because the more miners use the app and the value of our coin rises the less we earn.
Many months ago I could easily mine 10 coins a day. There was about 60,000 miners at the time.
These days most people earn 10 coins every 3 or 4 days.


I made 1 coin in 2 days


What phone are you using?
I mine 10 coins every 3 days on a galaxy note 8.


Samsung galaxy s4, its ok?


I think you need the latest most powerful smartphones to get the best from the mobile miner.
My old galaxy S5 was also very slow to mine.


I don’t think having a newer model phone gives you any advantage particularly, that would be unfair to people in the developing world who don’t have access to the latest tech. Just keep on mining and don’t worry.


stop giving your phone Viagra


Are you using multiple accounts or breaking terms and condition by any chance?

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